StreamToMe support

This page lists information, troubleshooting and other support pages for using StreamToMe. If you're looking for information about the ServeToMe server, you might also want to check the ServeToMe Support page. If you can't find the answers you're looking for, please email us: support (at this domain)

Current issue affecting T-Mobile users

Since the start of October, T-Mobile appears to be blocking StreamToMe traffic on their LTE network, leading to StreamToMe getting stuck on a "Loading..." message when trying to play media. Please report the problem to T-Mobile via their support page, if you have the time. Last updated Oct 25, 2017

Guides and documentation

Getting Started with StreamToMe and ServeToMe

A step-by-step guide to setting up StreamToMe and ServeToMe, configuring your library, streaming files and configuring play settings. Complete with a large number of screenshots to visually illustrate the process.

StreamToMe Demonstration Video

See a quick demonstration of the key features of StreamToMe in this video.

Further StreamToMe features

A guide to some of the advanced features in StreamToMe so you can use StreamToMe to its full potential.

Features and Requirements


See an extensive list of the different features, supported file formats, encodings and protocols supported by StreamToMe.


Learn the different computer, device and network requirements for different features in StreamToMe.

Library Integration

Learn about the integration of StreamToMe with different media libraries — including integration with iTunes libraries and iPhoto libraries — and the functionality that this integration exposes.


We offer specific troubleshooting guides on the following topics: