The following is a change history for the ServeToMe server. Selected previous versions are available for download although versions older than 3.0 may not work with recent versions of the StreaToMe client.

Changes since version 3.0:

ServeToMe v3.9 build 3100 Mac
ServeToMe v3.9 build 3100 Windows
  • (3.9 build 3100) Fixes for iOS 8 compatibility.
ServeToMe v3.9 Mac
ServeToMe v3.9 Windows
  • (3.9) Support for 3.9 version of StreamToMe and support for the ServeToMe 4 server beta.
ServeToMe v3.7.3 Mac
ServeToMe v3.7.3 Windows
  • (3.7.3) Updated server addresses for verification of ServeToMe's "External Address".
ServeToMe v3.7.1 Mac
ServeToMe v3.7.1 Windows
  • (3.7.1) Windows path fixes.
  • (3.7) Support for iPad 3 retina displays.
  • (3.7) Support for 1080p H.264 video passthrough.
  • (3.6.7) Rewritten Windows server now runs as a Windows Service.
  • (3.6.7) Improved performance on 3G connections at bitrates around 360kbps.
  • (3.6.7) Fixed a bug which increased latency in some cases, causing performance problems.
ServeToMe v3.6.6 Mac
ServeToMe v3.6.6 Windows
  • (3.6.6) Fixed user interface problems on Windows that could prevent changes taking effect until next restart.
  • (3.6.5) Fixed a problem where music playback could fail on iOS 5 in some situations.
  • (3.6.5) Fixed a crash bug on Mac OS X 10.5.
  • (3.6.5) Fixed a situation where editing the password on Mac OS X 10.7 could fail.
  • (3.6.4) Fixed a problem that could cause files on iOS 4.3 to stop at the 1 hour 11 minute mark.
  • (3.6.4) Fixed a deadlock problem on Windows that could cause ServeToMe to lock up
  • (3.6.3) Fixed a problem viewing photos with percent symbols in the filename
  • (3.6.3) Fixed playback when right-to-left subtitle handling is selected
  • (3.6.3) Fixed handling of user-specified subtitle encodings