ServeToMe support

This page lists basic support information for using the ServeToMe server application and its different configuration and settings options. If you're having issues with the StreamToMe player app — either connecting to ServeToMe or playing from ServeToMe — please consult the StreamToMe support pages for those topics.

Current issue affecting T-Mobile users

Since the start of October, T-Mobile appears to be blocking StreamToMe traffic on their LTE network, leading to StreamToMe getting stuck on a "Loading..." message when trying to play media. Please report the problem to T-Mobile via their support page, if you have the time. Last updated Oct 25, 2017

ServeToMe 4 documentation

ServeToMe 4 is recommend for all users of StreamToMe 3 and newer. If you're having problems, please try the Run Server Tests button on the External tab of the ServeToMe window. If that fails to solve your problem, please get a copy of the server log and email it to us: support (at this domain) and we can try to help you further.

Getting Started with ServeToMe 4

An overview of ServeToMe.

Media Sources

A guide to setting up your media sources in ServeToMe 4.

Users and access

Users, passwords and access in ServeToMe 4.

External connections

Understanding the external connections tab in ServeToMe 4.

Server tests

Information about the server tests that ServeToMe 4 can run and what they mean.

Advanced Settings

Additional settings in the ServeToMe 4 application.

Log file

Accessing, reading and controller the ServeToMe log file.

ServeToMe 3 documentation

This documentation relates to the older "ServeToMe 3" version of ServeToMe. For documention about ServeToMe 4, please use the links in the previous section.

Getting Started with ServeToMe

A step-by-step guide to setting up ServeToMe and configuring your library.

Further ServeToMe Features

A guide to some of the less common configuration options in ServeToMe.

Accessing the ServeToMe log file

ServeToMe keeps a log of its recent activity. The log can be used to monitor recent connections or for inclusion with bug reports.